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It can be extremely hard to find a technical co-founder or CTO for your startup. That amazing dev you need is already working somewhere else and won't join you just yet.

But why wait? If you build a great product right now, it'll be much easier to attract them later. Have you considered interim technical co-founders?

Ask an experienced technical founder

Why it's so hard to attract great developers

1. Most are already working for a big company or on their own startup.

2. They receive several job offers per week, most of which they don't read.

3. You don't have enough traction yet to make them pay attention.

In other words, you'll need more traction and a great product before you can attract them. We'll help you get there by joining your startup and developing your product as your interim technical co-founders.

We're a team of developers with vast startup experience that will work very closely with you as interim technical co-founders until you attract a great team for your startup

Our team

Daniel Weinmann

Founder and CEO


Over the last 21 years, I've helped tons of founders like you build world-class products until a few of them finally generated enough traction to become successful startups. It's not an easy path, but I've navigated it many times, learned my lessons and love it!

I've also founded several successful startups, including Mailee, which was sold to a Brazilian internet provider, and Catarse, the biggest crowdfunding platform in Latin America.


Henrique Bastos

Founder and CFO


I create and invest in businesses that promote autonomy. A passionate software developer for more than 20 years, I'm a member of the Python Software Foundation as well as Financial Director at Python Brazil Association.

In recent years my passion for finance and autonomy led me to teach thousands of developers and entrepreneurs how to make money with technology, instead of wasting a lot of it.


Felipe Freitag

Founder and CTO


I'm a marketing guy turned engineer. I've dropped out of my computer science degree 11 years ago and went on a path that ultimately led to specializing in marketing.

When my passion for programming reignited, I combined an unstoppable drive for getting things done with my management skills to become the CTO early stage startups need.


Gustavo Guichard

Chief architect


I've been a software engineer since 2005. From a freelancer web designer in Brazil to Lead UX Engineer in Silicon Valley, I've faced all sorts of challenges and have dealt with tons of programming languages and startup needs.

Today I'm using this experience to design reusable architectures that boost productivity and reduce our startups' time to market.


Daniel Larusso

CDO — Chief design officer


Designer and entrepreneur. I love to transform big dreams into small achievable parts. Have mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs in the initial stage who look for more autonomy and meaningful, authentic lives. For the last 16 years, I dived into design and technology, free learning, sharing economy and the art of start.

Founder of Nós.vc, Estaleiro Liberdade, Unlock and author of the book 333 Páginas para Tirar seu Projeto do Papel.


Lucas Weinmann

UX/UI designer


Victor von Sydow

Software developer


Patrick Müller

Software developer


Giovani Leite

Software developer


Peterson Passos

Software developer


Rodrigo Avellar

Software developer


Antonio de Oliveira

Finance manager


Alan Monteiro

Software developer


Sergio Freitas

Software developer

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We'll develop a killer product that's ready to grow

We'll use our experience as founders to help you gain traction

You'll finally attract a great team for your startup

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